The JuliaCon Proceedings is an open-access journal published in cooperation with the The Open Journals.

It is a volunteer driven effort to provide proceedings for the JuliaCon conference.

Proceedings can be submitted for JuliaCon 2019 till the 7th of July.

Code of Conduct

Although spaces may feel informal at times, we want to remind authors and reviewers (and anyone else) that this is a professional space. As such, the JuliaCon community adheres to a code of conduct. Furthermore the proceedings – this includes the submission and review process and interactions with and among reviewers and editors – adhere to a code of conduct adapted from the Contributor Covenant and the JOSS code of conduct.

Authors, reviewers and editors will be required to confirm they have read out code of conduct, and are expected to adhere to it in all JuliaCon proceedings spaces and associated interactions.

Ethics Guidelines

We also want to remind authors and reviewers (and anyone else) that we expect and require ethical behavior. Some examples are:

Any potentially unethical behavior should be brought to the attention of the JuliaCon proceedings staff. See Contact. The JuliaCon Proceedings Editors will track any concerns and respond to the submitter with a resolution, which will range from doing nothing if the editors disagree about the issue to withdrawing papers and notifying authors’ institutions.

Content Licensing & Open Access

The JuliaCon Proceedings is an open access journal. Copyright of JuliaCon proceedings papers is retained by submitting authors and accepted papers are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Any code snippets included in JOSS papers are subject to the MIT license regardless of the license of the submitted software package under review.

Editorial Board


For questions about JuliaCon and the JuliaCon proceedings please contact juliacon@julialang.org. For editoral concerns please reach out to v.churavy@gmail.com directly.

Relationship with the Journal of Open-Source Software

The JuliaCon proceeding submission infrastructure was developed based on the JoSS stack, and in partnership with the JoSS editorial team.